Current Projects

Simms guest-starred on "Body & Soul" on PAX TV.

Simms can be seen in the popular kid's show, LIZZIE McGUIRE, on the Disney Channel and ABC. 

Simms guest-starred on "Surviving Gilligan's Island" which aired on CBS. It is the true story about the actors who went on to star in the TV series and how the show was born. 

Simms can be seen in "KOLOBOS", a film now available at Blockbuster and other video stores. 

She previously was the host of "Stitch Tips" on the Home and Garden Television Network. 

She completed acting in the feature "Comedian" which was shot in Los Angeles, but will be shown only in Europe. 

When Dolly was in L.A. Simms worked with her on some commercials for Dollywood. (See pictures.)